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573545-EPP-1-2016-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP APPLE  

Applied curricula in space exploration and intelligent robotic systems» (АPPLE)  


Years of implementation: 15.10.2016 г. – 14.10.2019 г.
Project website: http://apple.erasmus.plus


Purpose: adaptation, modernization and restructuring of existing curricula in the field of space research and intelligent robotic systems; development of new certified courses in accordance with new trends in this area, demand in the labor market and the Bologna process; testing innovative curricula and disseminating results.
Task: implementation of an applied educational program by reviewing / analyzing / updating existing curricula taking into account recent advances in the target area; to develop, introduce and accredit new curricula, including bachelor's and master's programs; modernize existing and create new equipped laboratories for effective training in the framework of the new educational program; retraining of scientific personnel / mentors in the framework of new curricula; conduct pilot training with support from stakeholders.
1.    Retraining of scientific personnel / mentors in the framework of new curricula:
• Training course at Thomas More University (Belgium)
• Master class from foreign scientists on the subject of "Entrepreneurship and communication" and "Introduction to VHDL programming using Basys3 and Vivado" (KazNU, Almaty)
• Training course at the University of Sorbonne (Paris)
• Master class in microelectronics (AUPET, KazNU, ENU)
2.    New EF “Robotic Systems” have been developed for the recruitment of 2018 for all three levels of study: bachelor, master, and doctorate.
3.    Laboratory created ROBOLAB