Прием заявок

                                                                          Practice in Germany
The practice takes place while studying and is related to the chosen profession. It can be considered as a practical additional education and serves students as a basis for their further education.
The practice is provided primarily for students of agriculture (agro-industry), tourism, architecture and construction, hotel and restaurant business, food industry, culinary arts, information technology, industry (machine Building), transport and energy, physical and technical faculty, mechanical and mathematical faculty.
Relevant documents:
- Labora Questionnaire 
- Biography (German/English)
- Copy of the passport
- A copy of the student and 1st page of the test
- University certificate (German/English)
- A copy of the driver's license (if available)
Next, an interview is conducted via Skype (English/German). After selection, we select a place of work and issue a work permit, medical insurance. 
Accommodation, meals, and work clothes are free of charge. Work pays from 350 to 500 euros per month (with 160 hours of work per month)
The duration of the internship is from 6 to 12 months. Students with knowledge of German or English (B1-German or Intermediate)
Contact the international Department at the University and send it to