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Invitation to the 2020 ’Belt and Road’ Law School Student Forum


The ‘Belt and Road’ Law School Student Forum is hosted by the China University of Political Science and Law(CUPL), organized by the Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, and Youth Research Centre.


2020 the ‘Belt and Road’ Law School Student Forum is going to be held on April 27th - 30th. It plans to invite students and academic staff from members of the ‘Belt and Road’ Law School Students’ Union and other universities.

The Topic of 2020 the Forum: ‘Discussing on the Rule of Law, Focusing on the Future of Us’.

The Official Language: English


The board and lodging expenses, transportation and visiting expenses in Beijing which incurred by the arrangement of the Forum, are offered by organizing committee. However, visa fee, insurance and international transportation expenses are not covered by the Forum official. 

Deadline for application: Feb 10th                                                                           

Deadline for essay/speech draft: Feb 23rd 

Please return the receipt of attending to:

Contact number: +86 10 58909334