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In his greeting, Zh. K. Tuimebayev noted that the high positions of the university in the world ranking are one of the signs of prestige and competitiveness. "As you know, one of the main tasks and goals of any university is to become competitive in the global market of educational services. This allows you to compare your capabilities with other universities and gives universities the impetus to move forward. Having a high position in the world ranking is one of the main signs of the prestige, modernity and competitiveness of the university. We know that QS is one of the authoritative, influential and recognized international agencies that for many years conducts a global ranking of the best higher education institutions in the world. Actively integrating into the global scientific and educational community, KazNU is doing a lot of work to bring its indicators closer to the international standards of the world's leading universities, while focusing on the indicators of the QS rating. Over the past five years, the university has managed to advance in the QS ranking, taking the 165th place last year – this indicator is a convincing proof of the high competitiveness of the university in the global market of scientific and educational services, which means that it is attractive for local applicants, foreign students and professors, as well as foreign universities as a reliable partner," Zh. K. Tumebayev said.
In turn, the regional director of QS for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Sergey Khristolyubov, spoke about some of the university's positions in the subject rating and areas that will contribute to improving the rating and recognition of the university.
According to S. Hristolyubov, a survey is currently being conducted among academic experts. Depending on its results, the university's position in the 2022 rankings will be determined. 102 thousand experts from all over the world take part in this survey, as well as employers are additionally interviewed. It was noted that KazNU, which occupies a leading place among Kazakhstan's universities, will now take part in subject ratings in 11 areas. In addition, the results of QS Stars will be published in the near future.
"Your university has very good reputation indicators, including in science. And the more often articles appear in the most influential scientific journals, the higher the citation rates, " said S. Khristolyubov. The representative of QS gave recommendations that will allow the university to reach the world level. Among them are the attraction of new foreign partner universities, the solution of topical issues and problems of science and technology, etc. Answering the questions of the management of KazNU on the expansion and collaboration with foreign universities, S. Khristolyubov noted that the agency has wide opportunities to choose the best universities. And it is always ready to cooperate with universities for dialogue, exchange of programs, creation of joint laboratories and cooperation.
"We, for our part, will do everything possible for a successful and fruitful activity, realizing that as partners and associates we are doing a common cause, working for the recognition, international authority and prestige of the KazNU diploma," said Sergey, a representative of QS