Прием заявок

Chairman of the Board-Rector of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Tuimebayev Zh. K. thanked the delegation for their interest and visit, noting that the French delegation is the first one with whom he officially meets, being in the new position of the rector of KazNU. "The fruitful cooperation between France and Kazakhstan in the field of education demonstrates the deep interest of both sides. France, being a unique country with its own traditions and history, plays a leading role in the development of European culture and world civilization.  In the light of globalization, strengthening Kazakhstan's political, cultural and educational cooperation with the EU is part of the country's development strategy. France plays a significant role in the processes of promoting Kazakhstan in the world community and is our important partner, " Zh. Tuimebayev.

The Rector also noted that today KazNU cooperates with 18 universities in France, students, teaching staff and staff travel to universities in France as part of exchange programs.
One of the main joint projects of KazNU and France is the center "Geo-energy", created jointly with the University of Lorraine with the support of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan and the Consulate General. Currently, active negotiations are underway to transform the Center of Geo-Energy into the Kazakh-French Institute of Science, Technology and Energy (KFINTE). "Next, we will study this issue in more detail, we are ready to support all initiatives to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with universities and organizations in France in various areas of education and science," the rector said.



  • Continue the work on the transformation of the center "Geo-energetics" into the Kazakh-French Institute of Science, Technology and Energy( KFINTE), prepare an official document for signing (responsible: Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation T. Ramazanov, Director of the Center "Geo-Energetics" K. Bouteillet).
  • Develop a step-by-step plan of cooperation between KazNU and universities/organizations in France (include the humanitarian direction – in-depth study and promotion of the French language, conducting joint archaeological work (responsible: First Vice-rector M. Burkitbayev).
  • Prepare an appropriate Agreement / protocol/memorandum on the promotion of humanitarian cooperation (responsible: First Vice-Rector M. Burkitbayev).