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Welcoming all participants of the meeting, Professor Eduard Yakubov briefly spoke about their University, namely the number of graduates. From year to year, Israel lacks 1,000 specialists in the field of electricity, energy and electronics. Two hundred and fiftty of them are their graduates, who annually replenish these cadres. It was noted that today in Israel there are practically no high-tech companies where their graduates with the first and the second academic degrees would not work. Professor Eduard Yakubov noted his readiness to work in Kazakhstan now. More than a hundred universities are their partners, there are very good publishers in the field of scientific research, both in the large number of articles that they publish in prestigious journals, and in the number of articles per employee. Every year, interesting conferences are held, for example, a week ago, the Professor was happy to open the conference “Multidisciplinary 2020”, which was attended by staff from twenty countries. The Professor also added that they greatly encourage interdisciplinary connections and interdisciplinary education.

         During the meeting were mentioned the following international conferences, such as a large international conference in the field of mathematics with Uzbekistan and a conference with Kazan Federal University. There was offered an opportunity to conduct online courses and joint seminars.

         Ms. Gulnara Kurenkeeva, first Vice-rector and Dean of Almaty management University (AlmaU), also spoke at the online meeting, noting that she is a graduate of the “Bolashak” program. Three areas of possible cooperation were identified, as entrepreneurship, healthcare, innovation, and technology management.

         Ms. Antoinette Levy, external relations officer at the Holon Institute of Technology, also spoke at the conference, noting that at the annual report at “Bolashak” it was said about a lack of management personnel. There are not enough specialists in technology management. This laid down and conducted online at the University. Training courses at the highest management level, the innovation center works very well. There are distributed groups that relate to both academic and innovative startup areas. Works are underway with Astana Hub.

         The participants of the online meeting expressed a common opinion on the need for cooperation in the field of education, by sending students to Kazakhstan and vice versa to universities in Israel.