Прием заявок

Welcoming the Ambassador, Rector Galym Mutanov underlined that Austria is a country predisposed to the “green economy” with progressive science and education, its rich history and culture. Recently, the commonwealth between the two countries in the scientific and educational field has been developing intensively and there are huge opportunities for strengthening this Union. During the meeting, it was also said about the close cooperation of KazNU with universities in Austria, namely with the Vienna University of Economics and Business, with the universities of Insburg and Klagenfurt, where students from Kazakhstan are trained and interned on scientific exchange and within the framework of scientific knowledge. Institute of European Studies and mutual programs with foreign partners are successfully functioning in KazNU. The Rector noted that there is a great opportunity to expand cooperation with universities in Austria.

         The Austrian Ambassador expressed his gratitude for the reception and noted that, as a man of science supports proposals and programs in the field of education. More attention was drawn to the experience of the University in the sphere of Sustainable Development and it was noted that KazNU has been one of the ten universities in the world – Global hubs of the United Nations and since 2014 has been leading and coordinating the implementation of “Academic impact” program on Sustainable Development

         It was also mentioned that the Kazakhstani University has become one of the organizers of the creation of an international network of the Ban Ki-moon institutes for sustainable development. At the Global Forum held in Alpbach, Austria, KazNU as a strategic partner signed an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the UN-promoted Sustainable Development Goals between the Ban Ki-moon Center for Sustainable Development and the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens.

         While commending the work of KazNU as a Global hub, Willy Kempel noted that this is an important mission, which successfully carried out on an international scale. Austrian Ambassador Willy Kempel expressed confidence that KazNU and universities in Austria can actively cooperate in this important area and initiate joint projects on Sustainable Development Goals. The parties expressed their readiness to provide full assistance to this initiative, as well as contribute to its promotion. In addition, it had been agreed to implement bilateral international conference on Sustainable Development.