Прием заявок

During the meeting, issues related to the further development of joint work in various fields, namely in the field of green and digital technologies, academic mobility, the establishment of the Institute of Science, Technology, and Energy, as well as in other areas were discussed.

         The Rector expressed his gratitude to Mr. Philippe Martinet for his great contribution to the development of strategic partnership and friendly relations between the universities of the two countries France and Kazakhstan, as well as for assistance in implementing joint plans. As an example, the French-Kazakh Educational and Research Center “GeoEnergy” on the basis of KazNU. With the help of this project, new master’s and MBA educational programs on the model of two diplomas have been introduced.

         Taking into consideration plans for the future on joint activities, the Ambassador expressed a proposal to improve cooperation in the field of industrial gas, in their turn, the university board of KazNU supported this initiative. At the same time, it was noted that new trends would contribute to the transition to a higher degree in personnel training, the creation of innovative projects, and the introduction of digital technologies.

         At the meeting, it was also emphasized that this year UNESCO is celebrating the 1150th anniversary of the thinker of the East Abu Nasr al-Farabi, whose brilliant works and ideas united the East and the West. The rector stressed that al-Farabi is a philosopher of civilization and the founder of Holy Islam. It was noted that al-Farabi in his treatises correctly interpreted the pillars of Islam, which carry virtue and patience. The thinker of the East drew a line between religion and science. Both sides noted that by promoting ideas of al-Farabi of a moral society, the world would progress in a new form free from negativity and aggression.

         At the end of the meeting, as a sign of special gratitude and for great services to the university, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to Kazakhstan Mr. Philippe Martine was awarded the gold medal of KazNU.